Saving Money on Halloween

October 12th, 2015

Halloween Coupons How to Save Money on Halloween Decorations

Halloween is one of those holidays parents put a lot of energy in and most kids can’t wait to wear their fun costumes and make their homes look very spooky.

As Halloween is fast approaching many parents are looking for decorations and costumes to make the event as exciting as possible. It’s very easy to overspend your hard earned dollars buying all those decors and costumes, but if you are a thrifty shopper you can enjoy Halloween with minimal cost. Here are some things you can do to save money:

  • Make costumes with your kids

You can make use of old clothes, extra fabrics or old curtains that you have previously used. These could be turned into any costume you can imagine. You could also make use of the extra fabrics to make some scary decorations for your home. The kids can also design vintage decorations made with items that can easily be found around the house.

  • Take advantage of the fall harvest theme for decorating

For a fall harvest theme, make use of squash, Indian corn, and pumpkins for decorating your home than buying factory-made decors. After the pumpkins and squashes were used as decorations use them for cooking.

Aside from the decorations, apply the following tips in preparing for the goodies you want to give out on Halloween day:

  • Instead of giving out candy, why not give little toys or trinkets

As a parent, you want to prevent the spread of tooth decay in this particular time of  year. Thus, giving small toys or trinkets for the kids proves to be a great option. What makes this a great option is that you can find small toys or fun school supplies at wholesale prices online. These will end up costing you less than candies.

If you still want to give out some edible treats, fruit snacks or granola bars are good options. Make use of grocery store coupons for these treats to make them more affordable. They are a better and healthier alternatives for you to consider. It is also a good ideal to buy sale items as the holiday season is nearing its end, so that you can use them next year.

  • If  you want to buy candy, then buy in bulk.

Buying candy in bulk could also save you money. There are Halloween coupon codes that can be used to buy candy in bulk at online stores. You can search under Halloween in our site to find those coupons.

Also, instead of giving out big candy bars, you could go with miniature size treats saving you further money.

Halloween doesn’t need to be an expensive holiday. With careful planning and some creative thinking, it can be enjoyed within budget.